1.5 Carton12x12x18$1.80 ea.Good for Books & Heavy Items

3.1 Carton20x16x16$2.20 ea.Pots, Pans, Kitchen Utensils, Toys or Small Linens

4.5 Carton18x18x24$2.60 ea.Linens, Lamp Bases, Pillows & Tupperware

6.1 Carton20x22x24$2.80 ea.Lightweight Large Items Like Blankets, Pillows or Toys

5.2 Dishpack18x18x24$5.40 ea.Extra Strength for China, Glass, Pots & All Kitchen Items

Mirror CartonExtends to 40x60CallTwo Part Telescoping Carton for Mirrors, Wall Art & Prints

Wardrobe CartonHolds 18" of Hanging Items

CallFor Hanging Clothes

Crib Mattress$5.00 ea.Twin Mattress

$6.50 ea.
Full Mattress$8.00 ea.King/Queen Mattress

$12.50 ea.
Padded Paper

$2.00 sheetNewsprint25 lb. bundle $21.85
Tape$2.50 roll